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If you have received a notice from the state of California, Franchise Tax Board, Board of Equalization, Employment Development Department or Internal Revenue Service, you are required to respond. Setting the letter aside hoping it will go away won't help. Too many people wait too long, only to forego some collections options that may be available by responding right away.

Yes, There Are Options To Help You Out Of Your Tax Bind — Permanently

Whether you have your first notice in hand or have received your final notice by registered or certified mail, bring the letter to me, attorney Brian L. Coggins. I will explain the problem you are facing and move quickly to help you with a tax collection solution that will put a permanent end to your individual income tax or business tax problem.

Prior to completing law school and turning my career to tax law more than eight years ago, I worked for several years as a corporate tax accountant. I gained an in-depth understanding of state and federal tax law that I now use to the benefit of individuals and business operators facing serious tax problems.

Call me to discuss your circumstances if you are facing any of these IRS tax collections or California tax collections issues:

  • Tax levies or wage garnishment: I will advise you of legal ways to place an immediate stay of execution to any judgment action in the works against you.

  • Responding to notices: If you have received a notice from the state of California or the IRS regarding taxes due, don't respond until you know your rights and options.

  • Failure to file a tax return: If you have not filed your tax returns, or filed late, you could be facing civil penalties and possible criminal charges, including tax fraud. I will protect your financial interests and minimize your criminal liability.

"In 1790, the nation which had fought a revolution against taxation without representation discovered that some of its citizens weren't much happier about taxation with representation." – Lyndon B. Johnson

Tax Collections Issues In Northern California? Call Me About Your Tax Debt.

From my office in Roseville, I represent clients in state and federal tax law resolution and litigation matters in the Sacramento area and throughout Northern California. Call 916-270-2312 or contact my office by email to arrange a free initial consultation and evaluation of your tax problem.