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If you are an employer or business operator in Northern California, you know the rules. Under state and federal law, you are required to maintain a separate trust account for federal and state employment taxes deducted from your employee's or your own pay, as well as an account to pay sales tax you have collected on the goods and services you have sold.

Remember, if you have dipped into the employment tax trust fund to operate your business or for personal reasons, you may be forced into personal liability for taxes owed, even if you close your business. There may be collections solutions that can be arranged.

If you are unable to meet your sales tax or employment tax trust payment obligations, or have received a notice from the IRS or state of California warning you of a violation — such as worker misclassification — don't respond until you talk to an experienced tax lawyer. I am attorney Brian L. Coggins, in Roseville, California. Call me to schedule a free consultation and evaluation of your circumstances. I will explain your rights and options for avoiding personal liability

"You can't tax business. Business doesn't pay taxes. It collects taxes." — President Ronald Reagan

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